Variety of the Best Dragon Knight Builds for ESO

ESO Dragonknight Leveling Builds

There are many different ways to build a strong and effective Dragonknight for leveling in Elder Scrolls Online! A good but simple example would be something like this:

Main Abilities:

  • Unstable Flame for single target damage minimal cost (over time & instant)
  • Burning Talons – good damage AOE (even for single target) and good CC on melees!
  • Extended Chains control groups with caster and archers – single target
  • Green DragonBlood is great for recovering Stamina for self-heal
  • CC with Obsidian Shard, again, single target
  • AOE with Standard of Might against bosses & groups. Great Magicka and Stamina recovery combined with Dragonknight’s passives.

You will need A LOT of Magicka for this (or any) leveling build. Best Gear: 5 pieces of light armor for reduced Magicka costs and spell damage increases. Restoration Staff for Magicka recovery with charged attacks. Normal attacks restore magicka!

My suggestion is to check ESO Head’s Dragonknight build calculator and try out the skills, change the level, try different gear, etc. ESO Universe also has a few build samples and videos. You can also find reviews on actual ESO DragonKnight builds that have been tried, tested and proven to be the best. With the right gear and skill rotations, you can level from 1 to 50 in a few days. Be careful when leveling very quickly not to miss the most important items along the way. Get a guide that is both a great dragonknight builder AND leveling guide!

Dragonknight Tank Builds

Abilities for Tanks:

Your first set of abilities should be set up to immobilize and keep enemies focused on you while dealing lots of damage to multiple enemies at once. You’ll want to deal both DoT and AoE damage while using Burning Talons. Once they are at your attention, use Shield of Might ultimate which summons the standard that seals huge damage.

Your second set should be built to fight strong, single enemies and bosses. Use Shield Assault and Flame Lash which gives a little extra time on the CC effects. Slow them down with Eruption and use Ransack to keep the aggro. If (when) you get into a sticky situation with a powerful boss, use Green Dragon Blood to cool him down and let your healers in. If that doesn’t work try the Corrosive Armor ultimate for 10 seconds you you should be fine.

Most Dragonknight Tanking builds focus on dealing max damage, staying alive and turning enemies’ attention on yourself. After selecting the proper abilities, you need the appropriate set of weapons & armor, as well as swapping and distributing your points in the best way. You’ll want some points into Magicka and Stamina but most of your points should be put into Health! You can acquire Stamina & Magicka from items.

Heavy armor is best for DK tanks using these skills and abilities as it offers the most bonus and works well with the passives. Even if armor is overcharged you’ll need it since you are a tank and need to absorb a lot of damage. Enchant your armor to fill in statistics with Stamina and Magicka since you will have plenty of Health. Enchant your jewelry to help fill in whatever you are low on (Magicka or Stamina). Use the most beneficial traits like Reinforced or Impenetrable. Swords and shield in both slots is the weapon of choice here since many abilities you’ll be using fit nicely! Learn and use Defending and Precise and well as Sharpened!

Dragonknight Healing Builds

For Dragonknight healers, Morphed Regeneration is probably the most cost effective and helpful heal. Using Combat Prayer and Igneous Shield before a battle in group dungeons will allow the DPS and tank to get a great jump on the fighting. Healing Ward then Combat Prayer is perfect for low health allies. For PvP in Cyrodiil Combat Prayer & Igneous Shield is amazing for hitting multiple enemies. The Ig. shield also will help out any group members using siege weapons some extra room. Corrosive Armor is for when things get really hairy and you need some breathing room. For groups or mobs, Inhale and Dark Talons are essential. For single target enemies use Lave Whip and if you need to, restore some of your Magicka by using a heavy attack.

Check eso universe dragonknight build page for guides on a wide variety of different play-style builds for DK.



Highest DPS ESO Nightblade Builds and How to Create Them

Building a tank, healer or high DPS Nightblade in ESO!

DPS Nightblade

High DPS Nightblade Builds

Maximum DPS for the Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade -

Piecing together a well equipped, high performing Nightblade build is not easy at all and it’s time consuming! The sheer number of possibilities for each role is mind-boggling but allows the player to create highly customized (and UNIQUE builds) for all classes in the game. Then consider the fact that you have access to any weapons and armor you choose, no mater what race, class or role you’re playing.

Start out with one of the skill calculators that allow you to see all options of your potential character. Begin by selecting a class, set the level and play around with the passive and acting abilities, the buffs, attribute points and everything else you want to try out. ESO Head is the easiest and most flexible one to use and is a good start for sampling and testing builds but if you want to use the tried and true, fully optimized for maximum performance Nightblade builds, you’re going to want to get a good guide. Some of the better guides found at ESO Universe contain the best eso nightblade builds as well as videos & builds for all classes. As far as performance, they are the best you can find.

ESO Universe lists the guides that contain many of the best builds for Elder Scrolls for each class. With a good variety of builds such as PvE builds, PvP builds, leveling & dungeon builds. Tank and healing builds as well as the highest DPS Nightblade builds for ESO are also linked on their site. So figure out which race, class, skills and play-style you prefer at ESO Head then find the best build guide for it at ESO Universe!